I love the australian bush!! :)

Hey my favourite people :)

Almost 6 months in oz now... almost half of my year is gone.. I DONT WANNNA GO HOME!! :O

It's summer holidays here, it's starting to heat up... 38-39 degrees in the weekend!
Sitting here, on the other side of the earth and hear about the extreme cold winter back in Sweden feels unreal.

Chrismas did I spend with my wonderful hostfamily! My hostfamily is vegetarian, american and also jewish so I probably didn't have a typial aussie christmas, but I sure enjoyed every bit of it!

New Years Eve I went to a paaarty with my friends from school. 20 degrees, pouring rain and thunder was just great for a party outside all the night. Thanks for the party, it was my very best aussie party! ;)

I've also been for a ouple of bushwalks.. I love the australian bush. it's not as green and wet as the swedish, but it has a lot of other things to give. There are always sounds from birds and bugs. Big hills and funny roclmountains, rivers and tall trees. Red soil and warm sun.

Now I'm changing hostfamily in about one week. It feels weird to move. already!! I'm not finished with this family yet.. and at the same time I want to experience something new!

Next week it's the last time I'll meet my dear outbounds that's leaving for Europe.. will I ever see them again?! :(
My lovely brazilians are also leaving home. it's weird, in 6months that'll be me.

Enjoy your holidays. :)
Happy New Year!
Cheers, Lovisa xx

4 months down under! (:

It's about time that I write something here! sorry, i've had too much to do lately!
It's amazing, I can't believe that I've been here for more than 4 months now.. It feels like yesterday I said goodbye to everyone I love, and the country I know and adore..

Anyway: since last time I've changed hostfamily! I must say it's a contrast from my old hostfamily! (: 4 kids livin at home, small house, and heaps of activities. Tomorrow is the last day at school, before summerhols! My new subjects are: Health, Studio art, maths methods, English, and Chemistry!

New South Wales: Last week I visited New south wales with me next hostmum and her son! It was great. Colder thaan I expected, but I got to take a swim in the ocean, and do boggieboard!
Queensland: On saturday I'm off for QLD with my ancient hostfamily + counscellor. It's gonna b sweet & hot as.
Portsea: There is a camp in portsea, whih is a town close to port phillip bay!
Wagga: Prob I'm goin to wagga wagga to see a friend who's goin to Sweden next year! that'l b different, awesome!
Echuca: I'm goin up to Echuca, on the victorian boarder in north along the marry river, for one or two days, with the rotarians!
Torquay: I'l prob go with me mates to torquay, which is a town close to the sea, to do surfing, swimming and whatever else we'd like to do!

As u can see I have a lot of things to do in summer! and if i'm bored, i have a full gymcard, and holiday hws! lol

The weather: The melbourne weather is spectacular! U never kno what the weather's gonna b like in 10 mins. one week its 38 C and bloddy sunny! the next week its 15 C and the most rain in 14 years. ha.

New words:
Cop That= suffer
Chuck a uey= göra en usväng
joey= kängurubebis
tinny= öl
thongs= flipflops
Chook= höna/kyckling
cobber = kamrat/vän

Lämna en kommentar! Det är kul att veta om/& vilka som läser detta! Kom ihåg att jag saknar er! (:
Leave me a com.. it's fun to see if/& who's reading this! Enjoy ur holidays!
Cheers mates! xx / Louisa.... aka: the swedish girl from switzerland! (:

3 months (:

F-ck, I've been here for almost 3 months now! (: .... and I'm loving it!
Now Ive been up to the mountains to c the aus snow!.... yes there is snow in australia! not as gd and white and old as home in sweden ofc!
Yesterday (: I went to the  city & met michael, the guy who's comin to stay wif me in sweden! ... we went for a coffee... then i had to rush, to a meeting with a german exchangefriend; rosa! .... after 10min I remembered that I forgot to pay my coffee! damn ahaha.... Il shout for mike next time! :P

Today (: I was goin to the city with exchangefriends. Victoria market!!! biggest market in ..well Victoria at least! they have everything u can think of.. socks, souvenirs, donuts, belts, clothes, fruit, kangaroo meat....hmm..
I took the train home.... bought a vegemite & cheese scroll to eat for tea! yuuuuummm my hostparents r out ... so nooo tea tonite...

On friday Im invited to a 18th birthday in Fitzroy! All exchangeparty.... so no drinking ;) .. brazilian food & entertaiment... love it :)
On saturday I'l change hostfamily! I'm soooo excited! dunno what to expect haha!
Anyway, Just 6-7 weeks to the summer holidays! Freaking hell! Sweet!


Australiaa :D

Owell .. was quite a while sine I posted something so...

Last weekend I was in Melbourne for a day wif some other exchangers! 3 germans, 3 aussies, 1 austrian, 1 swede! Twas 6 people from an other district, & me n a german girl from our district! .. we were meant to take the touristbus, & go to the movies! But. we ended up only going one stop, drinkin coffee, missing out on the movies. missing the train, so everybody had to wait for 1 ½ hrs wif me.. yep :) ta!

2day I've been to an early fathersday lunch, and seen bulldogs lose vs geelong! :( crappy mood yer..
but on friday they'l hopfully win vs carlton!

2morro im goin to healesville zoo wif an exchangemate.. 
1 month and 3 weeks i australia... :O oh god!

soon movin to my new hostfamily

Busy, Busy, Busy :O

2 weeks since last time I wrote !! D: Time passes on quickly! So much things have happened, and i've never been busier!

Camp Getaway, Bendigo:

Last  last weekend I was at an exchangecamp near bendigo. There I met the 15 other exchangers in my district! 
4 germans, 4 brazilians, 2 danish, 2 swedes, 2 noreigans, 1 french and 1 finnish! :D
First nightall of us europeans had settled around the fire, and we were very shy and no one sed anyfin... then the brazilians came! We heard them even on the driveway.. they directly settled in the middle of our group, and started to introduce theirselves, which took bout 10 min for eachone of them! lol :O

At the campwe learnt how to throw boomerangs and how to kick a footy! We spoke a lot about problems in the hostfamilies. I didn't even know there could be such problems!  We shared experiences and compared Australia wif our own countries! and i got to know many friends!!

Last weekend:

Went to the footy, to c darley - bacchus marsh juniours play! countryfooty! Many guys I know played there! Very exciting to c them play! Pretty odd how many ppl acctualy were there watchin!
After the game I hang out wif 3 friends, n we went to maccas n coles...
ok, the eveing. DINNER PARTY... wif Rotary... haha.. 40 elderly ppl.. n wine.. it was a rotational dinna.. entrée was eaten at one's house, n the other 2 dishes in 2 other houses... Every1 drank wine n they drove by car to next house! pretty scary...
Since I wasnt allowed to drink, I sat there completley sober, with 40 pretty drunk rotarians...! ooow well...

Funny sunday... we were supposed to go bushwalkin... but the wind was terrible n twas rainin... so we decided to have an easy day... but in 10 min time we decided 2g2 melb n c St Kilda - Essendon! sooff we went, my host dad n I... hmm weird.. not much supporters on the train! .....the game turned up 2 b 2 hours l8r than we thought! ..sooo.. we went to an italian restaurnt n afterwards I asked to go to melb uni... bcoz they had an open day! we visited the architechture, medicine, dental, music, n physiotherapy...and the college n gymnasium! Awesome!

Well .... That's the past 2 weeks... in few words!

Cus guys! (:
Peace out! /Lovisa

3rd week in Aussieland!

Exactly three weeks in AUSTRALIA now!! it feels like I've been here forever, and like I've just arrived!
Thanks to everyone who've bein nice to me! lol
Next bit is in swedish:
ok tar det här på svenska, så att bara de aussies som är ambitiösa nog att översätta detta kan läsa det här!
har det väldigt trevligt här. Inte mkt fritid dock. möten, middagar, inbjudningar, utflykter, fotboll... inte för att jag har något emot det.. ;D ... än längtar jag inte hem! får dock en liten panik känsla av en del olikheter och folk.. tydligen så håller man på att bli ihopparad med en kille... men men.. har inget emot det.. roligt, vi får se vad som händer^^ x)

för övrigt.. slog vi vad och jag förlorade.. skylldig honom en springrunda.. han är asbra löpare.. läskigt.. :P

Fotboll ikväll.. och nu menar jag riktig fotboll! svensk jäkla fotboll! kommer bara att titta på, eftersom ja har skoskav, men kanske bäst att bara titta första gången, och se vad man ger sig in på då... men nästa vecka då då!
tennislektion på måndag oxå! det kommer bli riktigt jävla awesome! hoppas jag... jag och tre 14 åriga tjejer haha

hoppas allt flyter på därhemma i det sköna sverige! Förresten så såg jag ett reseprogram på tv om sverige igår! :D
Och kolla efter artiklar i åttingen och annonsbladet! ;)

well that was every thing for now.. aussielife is beautiful .. and everything goes easy.. no hurries and no worries.. :)
Peace out! <3/ Lovisa

Sweden.... NOT switzerland!!

2 weeks and 2 days in Australia! ..but it feels like I've been here forever!!
have had my first two school weeks..
First schoolday: met ms Dionne Fenton, principal.. she took me around the school area. People were watching me ! First class... PHYSICS!! yay... ms Fenton introduced me t the class and the students. two girls.. (the only girls in the class!) were chosed to show me around! =) .. had most of my classes with them.. they introduced me to all of their friends etc.
All aussies had A LOT of questions! and to remind the one of u wh thinks iim from switzerland... Im NOT..
2nd day: had arts, chemistry and outdoor ed. meet a funny guy on arts.. gave me heaps of weird questions about sweden.. i enjoyed it though! but our arts teacher smells crap! and on chem. i meet another fun guy, who made me kick an aussie rules football for the first time in my life... =D out door ed... hmmm hate it... changed it to P.E insted.. even though i got a note from a boy, telling im quite a looker...?

Recess ! playing footy...... or at least kicked the ball twice... or well one of the guys made me to kick it..   next time : succeeeed!

Oh and I've had my Sweden presentation! it went great... yaaa. i made them laugh quite a bit. even my hostbro and my hostfamilies... even though i had to make fun of sweden for a bit.. =D

Tomorrow am I moving from my councellor to my hostfamily.. and bulldogs game this weekend!  (only on tv though!) I nw wear my bulldog scarf with pride...

Best things :
the people
the animals
the red soil

Worst things:
the weather (rain/wind/cold)
the food  (!!??)
no sports yet..


Peeeace out =) / Lovisa

down under yay! :D

okaay! :P been to Australia for about 23 hours now! omg! I can't understand that I really am in the country down under! .. I just picked my skl uniform.. an all year around skirt..? oh well.. maybe ill need iT?

I'm so inlove with my new babyboy! :D .. or well.. it's my hostfamily's grandson.. but i adopted him at once^^

so ey? I am in australia? wow?
Seeya guys<3

Peace out! / Lovisa

1 ½ day more to go!

Not many days left! 1 ½ DAG KVAR!!! sorry I just had to shout out that in swedish! I'm afraid that'll be the only swedish I'll speak for a couple of months.. ^^D:

Where I'll be livin:

First hostfamily : Glenys & Peter Kay!
                               retired couple
                               3 grownup kids & 1 grandson
                               live in the middle of a town close to school

Second hostfamily: Bob & Christine Levy
                                    4 kids, 2 livin at home
                                    livin outside the town

Third hostfamily: Peter & Helen Shilton
                               pet surgeon & nurse
                               4 kids, 1-2 livin at home
                               livin at a farm, black angus & hence
                               Taking me on beach holidays!

Fourth hostfamily:  I have no idea who they are yet! D:

Peace out (: / Lovisa!

G'day my fellow exchangers!

Detta är min blogg om utbytesåret i Australiien 09-10!! :D

Nu är det bara 5 dar kvar!! ... & har massa att göra!! D:
Om 5 DAYS bär det av till AUSSIELAND!!
Where I am going:
State: Victoria
District: D9800
Closest city: Melbourne
Town: Bacchus Marsh
First Family: the Kay's
Going with: Rotary

Här kommer all info om mitt år dyka upp (:
Peace/ Lovisa(:


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